Do we have a Health Fund Rebate ?

Yes, most Health Funds are covered including Boopa

Are our Therapists Accredited ?

All our girls are Accredited and Qualified.

Can we pay by Card?

yes, cards are welcome  Visa ,Mastercard ,Debit Credit ,Direct debit, and Bartercard.

Do we use natural products?

Yes, many of our products are completely natural, and Australian made.

What are the most popular spa treatments?

Massage with a Facial is the most popular with the ladies, some Men like a Facial and Massage is a great Favourite with them too. In the summer Body scrubs are favoured with a Massage and Facial. Also very popular is the Pedicure, especially for the mature or pregnant ladies, who find it difficult to bend.

Do you have a car park?

yes, under the building and stairs and a lift up to the Arcade, suitable for wheel chairs and people who are unable to walk far.

Are your rooms wheel chair friendly?

yes our rooms are to standard and chairs easily fit the passage to enter a room.

Do you pierce babies ears?

Yes we do, even very young babies, our piercer has lots of experience.