A beautiful sunkissed complexion is the most desired fashion accessory and Moroccan Tan gives you the most flawless, natural looking tan imaginable.

Price is $35.

The 99% natural based formula enriches your skin with intense hydrating and skin firming properties, whilst helping to disguising cellulite, stretch marks and skin blemishes.

Moroccan Tan

The Original Infused Argan Oil Spray Tan
Our non-oily, quick drying and Paraben, PEG-free products work to achieve a flawless, refined finish that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and intensely hydrated.
Moroccan tans offer a range of shades to suit all desires.

30 min 16 %
1hr 15%
2hr 12 % or 14%

These tans have a green or purple base.

All our tans are available in several colours to suit all skins.

And best of all, it only takes a few minutes.

Details to follow for the most flawless tan ever.

  1. Thoroughly exfoliate the day before
  2. Any hair removal to be done 24 hrs prior
  3. Shower just prior to your session if possible.
  4. Wear no deodorant, perfume, makeup or moisturiser (it streaks the tan)
  5.  Do not exercise or shower for 4-8-10 hrs after spray tan.